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Report Engine and PDF Library

Using the VPE report engine, software developers do call functions (API) from their programs to create reports and documents at runtime, by placing objects - like text, rich text (RTF), images, lines, 1D and 2D barcodes, charts, etc. - freely within a document.

The report engine provides functions to compute the dimensions of objects before placing them in a document. Using this functionality you can control dynamically the layout flow of your content. In addition the report engine computes automatically word breaks and page breaks for text and RTF.

You can use the integrated PDF Library with a single function call to export your documents to PDF.

The VPE report engine is stable, extremely fast and offers a clean and well-thought-out API. Due to the intuitive conception, the usage of VPE is straightaway, and you are able to create your first reports within minutes.

VPE is the report tool of choice, if arbitrary documents shall be created dynamically.

bullet Customer's Responses

"Just wanted to comment on how pleased I am with your product. ... Your product is about the only part of the project that has not proven to be "Interesting". Thanks for the help by giving me a good product."

Gary Coker, Principal Engineer, RG Research Inc.