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VPE v7.20, Windows

The VPE Community Edition is free of charge and - also for commercial applications - royalty-free. For this edition IDEAL Software does not provide any warranties nor support liabilities at all. In addition updates are not provided on a regular basis and not neccessarily at the same time as the commercial editions.

The free-of-charge provision is based on the principle of fairness:
If you are using VPE in a commercial application which generates profit, we would like to ask you to acquire licenses for the full version.

Note: If you are using a 32-bit IDE (like Visual Studio before 2022), and you are using the 64-bit VPE .NET component or the ActiveX, the 32-bit version of VPE must be installed in parallel, because this is loaded by the IDE. Vice versa, if you are using a 64-bit IDE (like Visual Studio 2022 or higher), and you are using the 32-bit VPE .NET component or the ActiveX, the 64-bit version of VPE must be installed in parallel, because this is loaded by the IDE.

VPE View v7.30, Windows

Freeware. View and print VPE Dokument Files (*.vpe).

VPE Manuals as PDF Files

The manuals are installed with VPE as Online-Help. They are provided here additionally as PDF files.

For a quick start, see the Programmer's Manual, chapter "Getting Started".
In-depth explanations can be found in the chapter "Programming Techniques".

bullet Customer's Responses

"I have been constantly fighting with the limitations of Seagate Crystal Reports to get the reports that I want. Now, with VPE, I'm glad to have found a reporting tool that offers all the freedom I need. I have not yet come across a problem that VPE couldn't handle! Thanks for your help!"

Mark Irwin, Developer, Canada Life Assurance Company, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada