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Example Programs - Overview

The VPE Report Engine provides a comprehensive and powerful API, to give you full control over the creation of documents. Neverthelss you just need a few functions, to create your first documents within minutes, because the API is designed in a very structured and logical way.

In contrast to normal report generators VPE has no interface to SQL or ODBC databases. Your application retrieves the data from databases (or other data sources) and decides dynamically, how and at what positions the data shall be represented in the target document.

A VPE document may have any number of pages. All graphical objects are placed on the current page by calling methods. You can move at any time to any page and insert new objects, or you can append new empty pages to the document. Graphical objects are positioned in a device independent coordinate system with 1/10.000 mm resolution. You can optionally switch the coordinate system to inch units.

For example, the call to Vpe.Print(1.5, 1, 'Hello World!') places the text "Hello World!" at the position (1.5, 1) on the current page. This means, the text is positioned with an offset of 1.5 centimeters from the left paper border and one centimeter from the top paper border.

The Result:


For text output, VPE is capable to perform automatic word breaks as well as automatic page breaks.

bullet Customer's Responses

"Your product is amazing! Keep up the good work."

Daniel Kaminski, OnLine LIMS, Callander, Ontario, Canada