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The Special About VPE - Dynamic Layout

Normal report generators and PDF libraries are usually treating text, images and other objects statically within a list.

The Dynamic Layout feature provides an incredible easy but powerful concept, to determine the positions and dimensions of objects (like text, bitmaps, etc.) in relation to their contents and in relation to other objects. Thus, the management of complex positional dependencies between objects becomes a piece of cake.

As a result of such computations your program can decide dynamically, if for example some text shall be placed on the current page, or on the next page. Or you can move dynamically other objects dependent from the result, or change the font size to make a text fit into a given area. You can arrange the whole layout of a document dynamically.

You can even switch at any time to any page and insert additional objects. The Professional Edition also provides the option to insert or delete pages retroactively. No report generator can do that!

bullet Customer's Responses

"You have a fantastic product! I am extremely pleased with what you have accomplished with it."

Bryan Beswick, IS Manager, Diagnostic Cytology Laboratories, Inc.