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Blue CMS an Open Source Static CMS

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Content management systems are in regular based on scripting languages and databases, like PHP and MySQL. This has some drawbacks: It requires to install, administer and maintain such systems on a web server, which is overkill for small and medium sized websites.

But most important: It implies vulnerabilities to hacker attacks.

Blue CMS is an Open Source static content management system. It uses CSS and HTML templates for the layout and navigation menu, assembles them with HTML content files and outputs final static HTML files ready for upload to your web server.

No PHP, no MySQL, no vulnerabilities, no software updates, no administration, no maintenance.

It also means: smallest files, fastest load times and minimum traffic load.

For small and medium sized websites, Blue CMS is a good choice. This whole website of is created using Blue CMS.

Blue CMS can be run on Windows, Mac (Mac OS X), Linux, and every other operating system with a C++ compiler.

If you are not into CSS and HTML, Blue CMS is not for you.

How does it work?

Basically, you define one or more HTML template files, which define the layout of web pages without content. You can place special commands within such a template file, so you can mix-in content from other HTML files. Therefore the layout and the content are strictly separated.

In addition you can define navigation templates, which contain your website's navigation structure. When Blue CMS is executed, it embedds the menu into each generated HTML output file. No Java Script required.

There is a special command to include (i.e. mix-in) other files. This allows for example to define headers and footers of web pages in separate files. If you have pages with different layouts (and therefore different templates), but identical headers and footers, all templates can include the same headers and footers. So, if you wish to change for example the copyright year in the footer of each page, you simply need to change the footer-include file once and there you go.

Blue CMS comes with a manual (english and german version), which explains everything in detail. It also comes with a demo project that shows how to use template, menu and content files.

bullet Customer's Responses

"I was really surprised to discover such a good reporting tool, after years of battles with Crystal Reports Pro."

Giovanni Buommino (Diploma-Engineer), Engineering Office for Project Management and Software-Development, Dreieich, Germany