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QSwitch - Windows Task Switcher

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QSwitch Screenshot

QSwitch is a design study. The design goal is to locate and switch to any open window / application as fast as possible.

  • Open windows are sorted alphabetically by their process names.
  • On a second level, open windows are sorted alphabetically by their titles.
  • On successive levels, the backslash "\" within Window titles is used to group windows hierarchically. This way, especially windows which belong to Explorer can be located very fast.


Using a special key (which can be user-defined), only windows of the current foreground process are displayed. The filtered view is also shown, if the user-defined mouse-button is double clicked.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista or higher
  • Graphics Card with OpenGL driver (i.e. any modern Graphics Card)


Bullet QSwitch Installer (32 + 64 bit)

Github Source Code Repository

Bullet Github

User Interface

- up / down arrow keys: move up or down in list
- left / right arrow keys: jump to first entry of a group within the hierarchy
- home / end: jump to first / last entry
- Enter: bring selected window to front
- ESC: hide QSwitch

- left-click onto line: select the line
- left-double-click onto line: bring selected window to front
- left-click into free space to hide QSwitch

- use the scroll-wheel of the mouse

Thumbnail Preview

The thumbnail preview is only shown, if the Aero-style is activated. It won't work with older graphics cards.


QSwitch uses SFML, which is a very good multi-media library for C++.


If you wish to backup the configuration of QSwitch, you need to backup the folder "%appdata%\QSwitch"

Note: %appdata% usually resolves to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming, but you can also enter "%appdata%" in Explorer.

bullet Customer's Responses

"I am very pleased with your product, I wish that there were more quality tools such as yours available."

Scott Haberstroh, STC, Columbus, Indiana, USA