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Fast WinDirStat

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Fast WinDirStat is a fork of the popular WinDirStat disk usage analyzer.

  • Dramatic speed improvement on NTFS drives by using the CognosNT file scanner. CognosNT reads the MFT (Master File Table) of NTFS partitions to scan information about all stored files very fast. On normal hard disks speed improvement of a factor 40 to 50 is possible, on SSDs it is 3 to 10. It all depends on the number of files on a partition. The more files, the faster is CognosNT compared to the old version. Please note that CognosNT is not free software. IDEAL Software grants a free license for Fast WinDirStat. If you wish to use CognosNT in commercial software, please contact IDEAL Software.
  • Fixed some bugs, especially the black square icons in the treeview
  • Nicer and more modern application icon
  • Nicer junction point icon
  • New 64-bit version
  • Tooltips in cushion view, displaying filename and file size
  • New installer

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista or higher


Bullet Fast WinDirStat Installer (32 + 64 bit)

Github Source Code Repository

Bullet Github

In order to build Fast WinDirStat, you need one additional header file, located relative to the Fast WinDirStat directory at ..\CognosNT\CognosAPI\CognosAPI.h

Bullet CognosAPI.h

bullet Customer's Responses

"I am very pleased with your product, I wish that there were more quality tools such as yours available."

Scott Haberstroh, STC, Columbus, Indiana, USA