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Report Engine and PDF Library: Example code for PowerBASIC

This example program is using the VPE Report Engine DLL.

With the function VpeOpenDoc() a new document is created and a handle for the document is returned. This handle is used in the following code, to access the document.

The function VpePicture inserts an image, four coordinates are supplied: (left, top, right, bottom). The parameter "VFREE" instructs VPE to compute the given coordinate for a text or image itself.

With VpeWriteDoc the document is written by the integrated PDF Library as PDF file, and finally the call to the function VpePreviewDoc shows the preview window.

Sub CreateDocument(ByVal hWndParent As Dword )
Local hReport As Dword
hReport = VpeOpenDoc(hWndParent, "Tutorial", 0)
VpePrint(hReport, 1.5, 1, "Hello World!")
VpePicture(hReport, 1.5, 2, %VFREE, %VFREE, "example.jpg")
VpeWriteDoc(hReport, "My Document.pdf")
VpePreviewDoc(hReport, ByVal 0, %VPE_SHOW_NORMAL)
End Sub

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"Your VPE DLL is great !!! Thanks again! It is just what the doctor ordered, and will save me many hours of work."

R. Bennett, Senior Software Engineer, Vodavi Communications Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona, USA