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Short Development Cycles Through Mature Documentation Imply Cost-Savings

The quality of documentation inevitably determines the usefulness of software. Our manuals and help files do not leave out any aspect of our products; every detail is clearly illustrated. We attach great importance to short and precise formulations.

Documentation starts with the development process. Our programmers document exactly even the most minor changes in the functionality of a program part. The summary of our logbooks is delivered with every new release, so that you can see the changes at a glance instead of having to look through the entire handbook.

We regard source codes, which demonstrate the use of a product, as the most fundamental part of our documentation. For instance, VPE comes with lots of detailed sample sources which highlight all important techniques in using this tool. The sample sources are also updated with every new release. In addition, more example sources are available on our website.

bullet Customer's Responses

"What a brilliant piece of software VPE is turning out to be. I've only got the demo so far, but will be making my company buy a copy very soon."

Mark Keogh, ShipNet, UK