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Mature and Plain Concepts Through Consistent Development

We attach great importance to the creation of future-proof and mature products for your use today and tomorrow. Thoughtful conception is one of our priorities - take for instance our product VPE. Its function interface is entirely consistent with the idea of one element building on another with a result that is difficult to find elsewhere. At the same time, we always keep the useful application of our products in mind. As a result, we created VPE with a transparent functional interface which is easy to use and - at the same time - a powerful tool for the developer.

All of this because we know that the decisions we make today must remain valid in the future. And for a good reason: Your selection of a product means taking responsibility for your clients in the years to come. IDEAL Software develops software to satisfy your customers needs both today and in the future.

bullet Customer's Responses

"We are using Crystal report from version 5..6..7..8..8.5
In one hour of work we produced the best report we have ever seen using VPE, and we produce incredible complex reports. We have the control over all parameters and the precision: FANTASTIC!!"

Antonio Iannuzzi, Analist Group Srl, Mercogliano, Italy