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With each inquiry, please provide the following information:

  • Your complete license key
  • The operating system your are using, including installed service packs.
  • Are you using the DLL / Shared Object, or the Control? (.NET, Java, ActiveX, VCL, ...)
  • The version number of our product.
  • With what language / programming tool (VB, Delphi, C++,...) and version are you working??
  • If the problem is related to printing:
    On what printer? (manufacturer, model, printer-driver version - can be found in print-setup dialog by pushing the "info-button")
  • Please describe the problem exactly. If possible, add source code fragments so we can reproduce the problem. If you have problems importing images, please add an example image, so we can reproduce the problem. Please send all files zipped.

Latest versions, up-to-date information and FAQ's are available here on our web pages.

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Important: Please put the word "VPE" at the beginning of the subject, so it is guaranteed that your mail will pass our spam-filters. Unfortunately we receive several thousand spam-mails per day.

All inquiries are answered on working-days in regular at the same day, latest within 24 hours (please consider time-zone differences between your country and Germany, as well as local holidays in Germany).

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"It is an EXCELLENT work."

R. Ritchie, Technical Director, D-BIT Systems (Pty) Ltd., Johannesburg, South Africa