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dycodoc Interactive Edition

The Interactive Edition is an enhancement of the Enterprise Edition and only available for Windows.

It offers editable objects (Controls), which can be placed into the VPE preview. In particular these are editable text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. The Interactive Edition allows you to create forms which can be filled out electronically on the computer screen by end-users.

In order to do so, you define templates for forms and fields (i.e. variables) in dycodoc. Later at runtime the templates can be filled out by users. VPE provides a complete programming interface for your applications, which allows you to enable and disable Controls, to handle the focus, the keyboard and mouse input as well as validating and changing the values of fields.

We attached great importance to the design of the programming interface in order to offer your applications full control over the user-interaction. As a result the interaction process is completely event driven.

bullet Customer's Responses

"Let me just stop and take a moment to praise you for your great product. There aren't that many ActiveX controls out there that are as stable and predictable as yours. Job well done!"

Peter Marlborough, Progressive Business Solutions, Inc., London, Ontario, Canada