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dycodoc Enterprise Edition

dycodoc is an MDI application of highest quality. It uses most modern software technologies and provides a superior user interface. dycodoc's capabilities are outstanding: you - as well as your end-users - will feel its professionality and power from the first moment on.

dycodoc is fully object-oriented. The C++ printing, streaming and presentation classes, as well as all objects (i.e. text, images, barcodes, lines, etc.), which are used inside of VPE are by 100% re-used in dycodoc.

This has a major advantage: everything you layout in dycodoc is 100% identical to what you will get in VPE, because the executed code is the same.

dycodoc can be used for two different tasks:

  • Template Creation
    Templates store the layout of a document. They can be loaded into VPE, values can be assigned by code to fields (i.e. variables) and finally the templates can be inserted into a VPE document.
  • VPE Document Editor
    VPE itself is capable to write documents to file (for example with the method WriteDoc). Using dycodoc it is possible that end-users load those VPE files into dycodoc and edit them.

bullet Customer's Responses

"I must say that it [VPE] was the easiest to implement of any toolkit I have ever purchased. In addition, everything that I have used actually works. It is amazing to me how many toolkits out there don't do what they are supposed to do and probably never will."

Larry Stefan, Data Functions, Texas City, Texas, USA