How To Use the VPE Control

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How To Use the VPE Control

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The VPE Control is a wrapper around the VPE DLL (shared object / dylib).

It is available for the following programming languages:






Delphi / C++ Builder VCL

and as ActiveX

Because the events, properties and methods of the VPE Control are for all programming languages nearly 100% the same, we explain the VPE Control for all languages in this book.

This manual is the complete reference for all events, properties and methods provided by the VPE Control. It does not explain any programming techniques.

A first introduction on using VPE is given in the "Programmer's Manual" chapter 2 "Getting Started".

The techniques on using VPE are explained in the "Programmer's Manual" chapter 4 "Programming Techniques".

The installation procedure for each control is also described in detail in the "Programmer's Manual" chapter 1 "Installation".

Please read the following sections careful, which describe the basic techniques on using the VPE Control with each supported programming language. Then turn over to the "Programmer's Manual" and read the whole chapter 4 "Programming Techniques" very carefully. This document is a reference for the VPE-Control, not for Virtual Print Engine itself.