method void TVPETemplate.ClearFields() issue

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method void TVPETemplate.ClearFields() issue

Postby QuadraQ » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:03 pm

We're working on updating to the latest 6.10 version of VPE and DycoDoc 2.20 and we're trying to take advantage of the new data types. Previously we set all our fields to type String with a default value of an empty string. So if we didn't provide a value for a field it simply wouldn't show in the final processing of the template. With types other than String we're having a problem. They will still show some sort of default value (0 for an integer field, or 12/31/1969 for a date time field, for example), even when we have not provided a value. To overcome this we're trying to use the ClearFields() function, but it's only providing the default values to these fields.

Any suggestions on how we can still take advantage of the full range of data types, but not be forced to always print a default value?
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Re: method void TVPETemplate.ClearFields() issue

Postby IDEAL Software Support » Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:46 pm

The next version will introduce null-values for fields. ClearFields() will then set the fields to null.

In addition it will be possible to specify for each field individually, which text shall be output in case of a null-value. That way you can output no text, or "null" or "n/a" or whatever you like.
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