print preview button does not open printer selection window

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print preview button does not open printer selection window

Postby romelwell » Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:23 pm

Run vpedemo.exe, top bar menu, Demos, welcome, click ok, click no to create and show PDF, click on icon for printer (print the document), the dialog opens that shows "Caught event from VPE: Setup started", click ok, and then at that point the Windows printer selection window does not open. The document is not printed to the default printer. No error message comes up.

At control panel, hardware and sound, devices and printers there are 8 configured devices in Printer and faxes section.

What needs to be changed to allow the demo to print to a printer?
The demo works on other computers. The issue is isolated to this one PC.
We get the same results from our application as well as the demo.

VPE demo v7.10 Demo Professional edition
Windows 7 professional, SP1, 64-bit OS
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Re: print preview button does not open printer selection win

Postby IDEAL Software Support » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:32 pm

Something during initialization of Windows API related printer settings and the common Windows printer-dialog is going wrong.

If you run notepad.exe (not Word or others, as many programs use their own custom dialogs) you should experience the same problem.

Can you verify this?
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