Writing a tex around a picture

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Writing a tex around a picture

Postby Bengt » Mon Feb 22, 2021 10:21 pm

For instance in Word, it is easy to let a text surround a picture. Is it possible to do something similar with VPE. I have pictures in the upper left corner of rectangles and a text connected to each picture. The text shall be written to the right of the picture, but some texts are so long so that space is not enough. In such cases, the rest of the text shall be written under the picture and use the whole width of the rectangle. Can that be done with VPE?
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Re: Writing a tex around a picture

Postby IDEAL Software Support » Wed Feb 24, 2021 9:08 am

This is possible by using the TextBlock object, which was introduced in VPE v7.00. It allows to split a large block of text into smaller parts, so small pieces of the whole continuous text can be rendered (!) and spread in any position at any width with any number of lines within a document. As a result VPE can perform multi-column layout, text can flow around other objects or regions and text can be spread over any number of pages under full control (without using the (limited) AutoBreak event-handler). This can be done with plain text, as well as Rich Text (RTF). See the manuals and demo source codes for details.
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