I can not load any of my VPE document files into dycodoc

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I can not load any of my VPE document files into dycodoc

Postby IDEAL Software Support » Thu Dec 16, 2004 5:28 pm

I can not load any of my VPE document files into dycodoc. Why?

A: dycodoc can not process files of the Standard or Enhanced Edition. In addition - in order to protect our existing customers - dycodoc will not load any VPE document files that have been created with versions prior to v3.20.
It will simply not work.

By default, VPE document files created with the current and future releases of VPE Professional Edition and higher can be loaded into dycodoc. If you want to protect your files from being edited with dycodoc, set the new property EditProtection = true prior to calling WriteDoc(), or after calling OpenDoc() with the SwapFileName set. So the document will be protected and dycodoc will refuse to load the file.

Note: After having set EditProtection = true once, you can not set back the protection for the current document. This is for security reasons: no one will be able to unprotect a VPE document file after it has been protected!

For a quick test how to load and edit VPE document files using dycodoc, the setup of VPE contains the "Capability and Precision" demo as VPE document file: in the directory "IMAGES" is the file "CAP.VPE".
Please open it with dycodoc.
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