picture export to Metafile (WMF) does not work under Win9x

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picture export to Metafile (WMF) does not work under Win9x

Postby IDEAL Software Support » Thu Nov 25, 2004 5:20 pm

The VPE function PictureExportPage() returns "failure", what is going wrong?

We experienced that the Windows API function CreateMetaFile() - which is used internally by VPE - can not work with long file names. Accordingly you can not create a Metafile when having long file names within the target directory structure or if the file name itself is a long file name.
Workaround: use the Windows API function GetShortPathName() to convert the long target path / file name into the short form and provide the result to PictureExport[Page]().
NOTE: this problem is only related to Win9x (WinNT 4 SP4 showed no such problems) and only to Metafiles (WMF). All other image types, like Enhanced Metafiles (EMF) and the bitmap file types like BMP, PNG, JPEG, etc. work ok.
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