SetupPrinter() the main application's window is not disabled

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SetupPrinter() the main application's window is not disabled

Postby IDEAL Software Support » Thu Dec 16, 2004 4:50 pm

If I call VPE.SetupPrinter() the window of our main application is not disabled, it is still running. I would have expected that it is disabled, because if the user pushes a second time onto the "Setup" button in our application, we call a second time VPE.SetupPrinter(). Because VPE is already executing the printer setup dialog, our application crashes. Why isn't the window of our main application disabled automatically?

A: It is not our intention to block your main application. Forthermore because VPE fires events during the setup process to inform your application about the status of the setup, the main window of your application is not disabled by VPE. Solution: disable any GUI element which could cause that VPE.SetupPrinter() is called a second time while the printer setup dialog is shown (VPE fires an event to your application, when the user pushes the print button) or disable your application before calling VPE.SetupPrinter() and enable it after the call returns.
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