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dycodoc Enterprise Edition

dycodoc is an MDI application of highest quality. It uses most modern software technologies and provides a superior user interface. dycodoc's capabilities are outstanding: you - as well as your end-users - will feel its professionality and power from the first moment on.

dycodoc is fully object-oriented. The C++ printing, streaming and presentation classes, as well as all objects (i.e. text, images, barcodes, lines, etc.), which are used inside of VPE are by 100% re-used in dycodoc.

This has a major advantage: everything you layout in dycodoc is 100% identical to what you will get in VPE, because the executed code is the same.

dycodoc can be used for two different tasks:

  • Template Creation
    Templates store the layout of a document. They can be loaded into VPE, values can be assigned by code to fields (i.e. variables) and finally the templates can be inserted into a VPE document.
  • VPE Document Editor
    VPE itself is capable to write documents to file (for example with the method WriteDoc). Using dycodoc it is possible that end-users load those VPE files into dycodoc and edit them.

bullet Customer's Responses

"I have been constantly fighting with the limitations of Seagate Crystal Reports to get the reports that I want. Now, with VPE, I'm glad to have found a reporting tool that offers all the freedom I need. I have not yet come across a problem that VPE couldn't handle! Thanks for your help!"

Mark Irwin, Developer, Canada Life Assurance Company, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada